Is this your current situation?

Are you afraid that your company is at risk?

Do you feel pressure to change to digital?
Do you know what supplies and software you need to acquire to keep up with remote work?


Get help from experts

We have the expertise in IT, communication, and knowledge management consulting to help  you identify which aspects of your company need improving to successfully work remotely.


Make any place your office

Integrate new hardware and software, set your desired location up for productivity, master remote management, and prepare your team for the future.


Save your business

Your company has a rock-solid foundation with a clear strategy and is ready to handle any upcoming challenges.

Find your dream job

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“I am so grateful to André Kiwitz and his team for their quick and concrete help with the short-term conversion of our company to a home office.”




Ulf Hackbarth

"As an entrepreneur you are often confronted with unexpected problems. My tip: get advice from experts! This saves money, time, and frustration in a team."



Björn Kolbmüller
Managing Director -

"Ventura has years of experience in working online. A few hours of personal interaction with them saved me days of comparing software solutions and reading advice. Thanks!"



Barbara Elwardt
Founder - IOO Architects

"In the current situation, it is important for me to offer my employees a home office, but we had little experience with this as a company. It was extremely helpful to talk to an experienced team about how working from home could work best for our company.”



Matthias Schleuthner
CEO - 4Scotty Recruiting
Our Commitment

Transparent recruitment process


Freedom to be creative in achieving results


International Team


Work from other offices in the Ventura TRAVEL family


Social days and team events


We provide the opportunity to be constantly learning

Our Commitment

We are remote work experts

We have over 18 years of smart working experience with more than 100 employees on 3 different continents


Proven short & long term benefits

The change of software and management approach will get you through your challenges and sustain you in the long run


Speed-up the implementation

We guarantee an efficient and tangible series of changes so you can implement best practices within a week from our consultation

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