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How Smart Working can help your company in times of crisis.

Example of the coronavirus


From the winner of Germany's Digital Company Award 2017.



As a founder and CEO, I fully understand the fear and pressure you must be feeling due to this unusual situation, not to mention the uncertainty that keeps you up at night. You simply want your company, your employees, and your family to be safe and sound. This eBook will give you an action plan to follow so your first steps during this difficult time can be the right ones.


What they say about us

"In the current situation, it is important for me to offer my employees a home office, but we had little experience with this as a company. It was extremely helpful to talk to an experienced team about how working from home could work best for our company.”



Matthias Schleuthner
CEO - 4Scotty Recruiting

"As an entrepreneur you are often confronted with unexpected problems. My tip: get advice from experts! This saves money, time and frustration in a team."

Björn Kolbmüller
Managing Director -

“I am so grateful to André Kiwitz and his team for their quick and concrete help with the short-term conversion of our company to a home office.”



Ulf Hackbarth

Ventura has years of experience in working online. A few hours of personal interaction with them saved me days of comparing software solutions and reading advice. Thanks!"



Barbara Elwardt
Founder - IOO Architects